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We hand clean our popcorn to ensure minimal debris and hulls


We’re very proud of our corn. We know that we raise a better product than most people. We seed our first planting of popcorn in the beginning of May. We till the ground as soon as we get the first break in the weather, and it’s dry enough to get into the fields and plant. In June, once the corn is germinated and pushing up we cultivate any weeds that are up in between the rows with a two row cultivator. Crop rotation is really important   it helps in reducing soil erosion and increases soil fertility and crop yield. We harvest our corn in late October or early Novemember once the moisture is out. Popcorn needs a certian moisture percentage to pop just right. We  pick each ear by hand in sections to make room for the combine around the edges of the field. Once we test all the corn if the moisture is correct then we harvest the rest.

Our Corn

Why Moisture is important

Popcorn will pop when freshly harvested, but not well: its high moisture content leads to poor expansion and chewy pieces of popcorn. Kernels with a high moisture content are also susceptible to mold when stored. For these reasons, popcorn growers and distributors dry the kernels until they reach the moisture level at which they expand the most. This differs by variety and conditions, but is generally in the range of 14–15% moisture by weight. If the kernels are over-dried, the expansion rate will suffer and the percentage of kernels that pop at all will decline.

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